About Us

Shamsuddin (Sam) Nassar, has been involved in the fuel and convenience retail industry for over 22 years. Sam started operations with a single family-owned station in Dallas, Georgia, which has grown since then to a thriving enterprise that owns and operates several locations throughout the state Georgia and beyond.

Through many years of hands-on operations, Sam has acquired extensive rebranding experience. At various points in his career, Sam has worked with many fuel suppliers where he has gained expertise in agreement structures including commission, rack plus, profit sharing, and operational agreements with fuel jobbers.

While working in the fuel and convenience retail sector, Sam was presented the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Retailers Association (ARA). While a part of the Board, Sam served two terms as a Director and Treasurer. In his capacity at ARA, Sam worked with the Marketing Team to negotiate vendor contracts on behalf of the 1,000+ convenience store locations that are represented by the association.

In addition to the convenience store business, Sam also owns a successful ATM servicing company called Crystal ATM Solutions. Crystal ATM Solutions provides ATM processing, placement, and loading services to over 200 retail locations in Georgia and Neighboring states.

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Mission Statement

To continue our growth as an established and sustainable fuel distributor while observing the highest levels of honesty, integrity, loyalty and commitment in our daily operations. We will strive to provide our dealers and partners with the best customer service experience.

We will strive to provide station owners & operators with a simplified and streamlined way to conduct business while providing solutions to overcome everyday challenges. We are only successful when our customers are successful.